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John + Kelcie

John and Kelcie were the winners of our very first couples session giveaway. The day of the shoot, the trade winds died down and a muggy, hazy fog blanketed the entire island. Initially we were worried for the imminent lack of stunning sunset colors, but by the time we began our session, the sun was peeking through over the mountains. 

Now John and Kelcie are such a vibrant couple. They moved to the island for a change in direction and have been living on the picturesque North Shore. Their personalities and smiles are contagious. For one shot I asked for serious faces and, well, they just couldn't not smile! Instead I got priceless laughter candids, which definitely worked much better! "Kind" and "goofy" are the words they used to describe each other, and I couldn't agree more, even from only having just met them! We lost the sun rather quickly behind the hazy Ko'olau peaks to the west. As darkness began to fall, I set up some artificial lights for one last magical shot with the glow of civilization across the bay. We are so glad that John and Kelcie participated in our giveaway and look forward to sharing some more memories in the future!

 Probably the closest thing to a 'serious face' ;)

Probably the closest thing to a 'serious face' ;)