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A bit last minute, Charles & Dawn approached us for their wedding day shoot in Kapolei. On a cloudless Friday evening, we began shooting the ceremony under a gorgeous vaulted ceiling and natural light. With only close friends and family in attendance, the mood was quite intimate. The bride shimmered and glowed as she walked down the aisle and the groom stood in awe, overwhelmed with love and emotion. With hand-written vows, there was barely a dry eye in the entire venue by the time Charles & Dawn had finished. 

After the ceremony we headed outside with the newlyweds for some shots in the setting sunlight. With the hard part behind them, Charles & Dawn let their true colors shine, joking, giggling, and radiant. The camera didn't exist for them. It was all so beautifully natural, as I clicked away on the sidelines. For a brief moment while reviewing some shots, I had my back turned and with the lens no longer on them, Charles & Dawn began carelessly dancing. Luckily for me, I was able to snap a few candid shots of the priceless moment, as the sun began to sink below the mountains. Charles & Dawn are truly a fire and ice couple, perfectly balanced, silly, and wonderful. Here's to you!

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