Pilialoha Photography
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Anna + Matt

Anna & Matt were recommended to us by a close friend as a carefree couple that would love to have some of their loving moments captured. These two are relatively new to the island, Anna arriving less than a year ago as she waited for Matt to finish his studies on the mainland. With school finally finished, they are now together again and appreciating all the islands have to offer. Upon first meeting the two of them, I knew instantly that my job would be easy, so we headed to the seaside for an intimate sunset shoot.

They both love the ocean. They also have quite the love for each other. While I set up my camera equipment, Anna & Matt were already dancing and laughing in the sand. There was no camera-shyness as I quickly began to step back and snap away! They had no problem getting down and sandy in the surf zone, as waves came up to meet them (I love the look on their faces as the first one splashed up!). The sun began to dip behind the horizon and with the light going, I got some final shots using Herbie, our Pilialoha drone! I'd never shot aerial photos of a couple before, but they turned out great! Looking forward to getting creative with more shots from the air, and some future shoots with this fun couple!