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Erik + Maria


Erik and Maria have spent the years of their relationship as long-distance. After meeting each other through a mutual friend at their undergraduate school in Alabama, jobs and post-grad life took them to separate corners of the continent. They finally have been together here in Hawaii, where Erik works in ocean conservation and Maria with endangered Hawaiian birds! Talk about a down-to-earth couple! So we headed to the mountains for a mini sunset shoot. Now this particular area is usually wet and misty, adding some natural haze and filtered light, but on this evening, a fantastically vivid double-rainbow spanned the entire width of the valley. In hindsight, it should have been seen as a harbinger for the torrential rain that was fast approaching. Within minutes the mist had turned to sheets of water as Erik and Maria made the best of getting caught out in the rain! Ending as quickly as it began, the rainstorm passed, leaving everyone sopping wet and ready for some hot soup!