Pilialoha Photography
Island Inspired Imagery



Along comes a three-day weekend, so we met up with Samantha for a forest shoot, at a hidden pool that I've been dying to visit again. It's the kind of place that's nestled way in the back of the jungle, between massive mountain ridges, where the sun just barely makes it through the trees. When we stumbled upon the magical forest stream the first time (rather by chance), I knew it would make a fantastic setting for a moody shoot. This time we came prepared with lights and the underwater housing, just in case! Now the hike in is by no means straight forward. Samantha probably heard me say "It's just around this next bend," perhaps a dozen times before we made it to the lightly flowing river pool. After cooling off, the evening light began filtering through the canopy and Samantha perfectly emulated a forest nymph. Her hair and dress perfectly complemented the deep green tones of the forest. It wasn't long until the sun disappeared, leaving us to hike out in complete darkness through the eerily quiet forest.