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Behind the Scenes with Aubrey

Aubrey specifically wanted a forest shoot. Little did she know we were going to throw in some of our conceptual Rise shots as well. Rise sessions are unusual in that they can range from dangling off cliffs, to more simple levitations. I'd had my eye on a unique stand of Cook Pines, which seemed rather out of place, surrounded by tropical jungle trees. The setting sun barely made it through the dense canopy. We worked quickly, setting up the necessary ropes and harnesses for the following transcendent shots...


The ropes allowed for just enough of Aubrey to appear out of place, seemingly falling from her log. The ropes and belay device were obviously edited out in post-processing...



Sometimes we remember to bring our trusty stool along with us on shoots. It usually plays a role in our Rise sessions, but it can also add to capturing different angles. For the shot below, we used Mr. Stool to get some downward shots of Aubrey...

unnamed (2).JPG

Now for the more typical use of Mr. Stool: levitating our subjects in Rise. The hardest part is definitely for the model; they have to lay in an awkward and uncomfortable position, with blood quickly rushing to their head. Meanwhile, the shots really only work when the model does not appear to be tense or uncomfortable. It's a fine balance between appearing delicately unusual and falling off the stool. Aubrey ended up nailing the mood, rising from the forest floor...

Kelsi doesn't get enough credit for her help in the final images. Along with being the main logistical expert, Kelsi specializes in helping subjects pose, among other things. For the river shot, she decided to forego her dry shoes to give Aubrey a hand. Kelsi always makes sure that each shot is perfect, from small details to sideline support and safety. Thanks Kelsi!


A lot of vision and planning goes into each one of our Rise sessions. With many more ideas in the works, there's always something coming to us that we want to try out! Thank you Aubrey for making this one so easy for us, you were quite the natural!