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Michael + Sheri's Surprise Engagement


We were definitely caught off-guard when Michael called just a day before he said he had planned a surprise beach engagement while on vacation. The telephone call was so secretive and hushed; we could tell he was trying to coordinate while only slightly out of earshot from his beloved. So we suggested a quiet and secluded beach to meet them at for the following evening. Arriving early to scope out the scene, we began our stakeout from behind some distant bushes to avoid being seen and ruining the surprise. After a traffic delay and lost taxi driver, Michael and Sheri arrived from a different direction than anticipated as we scampered and snapped away from behind long lenses. With a proper picnic and champagne, Michael popped the question and as the sun began to set... she said yes! We revealed ourselves and quickly concluded the shoot, riding the wave of their elation, then leaving them to celebrate in the magic of it all.