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Justine + Patrick

We had been looking forward to our maternity shoot with Justine and Patrick, although we had some doubts about the weather (which had been raining non-stop for a month!). We headed to the west side for some better chances of sunshine, and to showcase some of the picturesque Hawaiian beach scenery. This special session kept the rain away, with beautiful clear blue skies beckoning a sunset that would surely promise awe. Playing around in the waves, Justine and Patrick let their love pour out; their tenderness for their first daughter setting the stage for years to come. As the sun began to set, our lovely couple danced in the sand. Then we broke out the Pili drone for a unique look-down of Justine, as the waves swept up along the beach. As the golden orb sank below the horizon, we just sat back and enjoyed the spectacle of tropical paradise.