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Aki + Tori


So this secluded forest location has been on our mind for quite some time now, and bringing an adventurous couple there to capture some mystical, fairy-tale-esque shots by the waterfall. The hike in is no walk in the park; the ups and downs are quite belaboring, and Aki and Tori conquered it like champs. Stumbling across the cool, clear waters of these streams is a welcoming sight on a hot day. Usually our shoots start with a 'getting warmed up' set of poses, but these lovebirds needed zero direction or warming up to the camera before they got lost in each others arms. Every so often, they would giggle as I continued to capture those beautiful candid moments. The golden light of the late afternoon filtered through the thick canopy of the trees to create a magical, ethereal mood on the mossy rocks. Being an engagement shoot, we had to get the whole story of how Aki popped the question. His original plan was to take Tori on a scenic hike, but the consistently wet weather forced a change of plans. They instead headed to one of their favorite restaurants and he 'surprised' her with a ring. In reality, when we asked if she had suspected anything, Tori confessed she had known he was going to propose. She says, "he came home one night after a few drinks with his buddies with a real big grin and giggly, saying 'I got big plans' and of course it wasn't as cryptic as he probably thought." Well here's to not being able to contain the excitement! Congratulations you two!

Patrick Nichols