Pilialoha Photography
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Outdoor boudoir photography in Honolulu

Some people want a typical Hawaiian beach as the backdrop to their photo session. When we get those few who want something a bit different, the ideas begin to swirl around in my head. Torn between mauka (mountain) and makai (sea), we are immediately able to offer some off-the-beaten-path scenery, unique to the island, but different. Dominique, having asked for some magical forest shots, became a woodland seductress among the fallen trees and flowing river. She mastered the sensual stare-down (while also maintaining her balance on the slippery rocks!). The vast differences between dense bamboo and towering pines, seemingly out of place on a tropical island, allowed for some variety in scenery. With no problem taking a dip in the cold river, Dominique finished the session with the entire natural river pool to herself.