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When I was in high school, waking up early was never my jam (to be honest it still may not be). Getting out of bed before the sun rises was never something I looked forward to. So when Sydnie called us for her senior portraits at sunrise, I could only hope that she wouldn't despise it as much as I did back then. We met her family in the dark, at the back of a dirt lot by the beach (all spooky-like). The waves were rough and the sound of the swell could already be heard. As we made our way down to the rocky shore, rain clouds hovered just above, threatening a tropical morning soaking. The light began rising in the distance, while Sydney was in her element at the beach. She's an aspiring photographer herself, and brought her DSLR camera for some of the shots. 

In the end, getting up well before sunrise for a magical display of light and colors has never been something that I end up regretting.