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Ertis + Marissa

We were on an early morning drive along the windward side of the island to beat Ertis + Marissa to the rocky cliff overlook that he had planned a surprise proposal. We were hoping for clear skies, with little wind to make our climb easier. Ascending the steep ridge line towards the summit with our camera gear and packs was a little more challenging than the last time we visited this picturesque overlook. At the top we hid in the bushes and waited apprehensively until Ertis + Marissa arrived. Not long after, voices were heard coming up the trail from below. I quickly readied my camera, aimed directly at the opening in the cliffside trail, and focused the lens. The two lovers looked around in awe at the surrounding overlook, then swiftly Ertis dropped to one knee and I snapped photos from afar. Kelsi recorded from around the corner, for some engagement footage to be used in their highlight video. Marissa's tears began as he spoke sweet nothings to her among the whistling wind. In a bright exclamation of "Yes!" we made ourselves known as they embraced in the clearing. After doing a couple more shots at the summit, we began heading down back to the cars. The next day, we met the couple for sunset on the west side once the shock of being engaged had only subsided to blissful excitement. We were graced with a perfect Hawaiian sunset as these two ended the night dancing in the waves.