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Megan's lifelong dream has been to become a model. Putting the fear of the unknown aside she contacted us in search of photos to build her portfolio. We met on the edge of a forest and were immediately blown away by her striking features. After wading through a river and hiking short ways to a clearing, we were ready to test Megan's modeling skills. We were shocked that she had never modeled before! Patrick began clicking away on his camera just as the sun shone between the trees sending rays of light dancing over her tattooed skin and perfectly curled hair. Shifting under the lights of the forests she moved smoothly between poses and hardly need our cues. Megan slipped into elegant or edgy poses with ease, changing outfits five times over the course of the shoot! From a sleek black dress, ripped jeans and a t-shirt to a string bikini she looked terrific in every setting. After we waded back through the chilly river (and captured a few shots along the way), we drove to the beach just in time to catch the sunset. After witnessing her modeling skills first hand, we do not doubt that Megan will be a successful model, and wish her the very best.