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C + M Trash the Dress

underwater trash the dress photography

Caroline and Matt met near the water as swim instructors at their local pool, so it only made sense to celebrate their recent vows with a trash-the-dress session under the waves. Wearing the same attire from their wedding day a few months before we met up just before sunset at Shark's Cove on the North Shore of Oahu. As beachgoers congratulated the pair, we tentatively maneuvered our way through the tidepools and swam out to the "Aloha" rocks. With full breaths, they dove. Fish circled inquisitively, a turtle meandered nearby and the lovers looked right at home. And let me tell you, we had SO MUCH FUN!! It was hard to get pictures where they weren't laughing! After almost every dive they would burst to the surface with laughter rippling from their lips before they even took a breath. The hardest part of the shoot was getting Caroline underwater, as her dress acted like a giant float. But Matt was right next to her the whole time pulling her safely to the blue heart of the planet and his warm embrace. With the sun on the precipice of setting, we finished the session in shallower water for some classic over-under shots. This shoot was an absolute dream, and we were blessed with perfect clarity, just a hint of swell, and the company of clients who we can now call good friends. 

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