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Brianna + David


It’s been a crazy hurricane season, with multiple back-to-back threats, sending the remote islands of Hawai’i into preparation mode. With a tropical storm barreling towards the Big Island and Maui, wouldn’t you know that we were supposed to be on our way to meet Brianna + David in Kahului, Maui. Kelsi and I ended up having to cancel our flights out, and instead stayed home, barricaded in among our lanai plants. The storm quickly fizzled out, so we scrambled to get our flights back to Maui. Brianna + David picked us up from the airport that afternoon in Kahului and then took us to a secluded cove they had found. The skies were still grey from the recently passed storm, but the waters were calm and the winds were still. As we drove along the coast, we stopped at a few beaches and an ancient lava flow. Brianna + David laughed, danced, and laid in the sand. The sun set with a celebration of champagne for the bride and groom to be. Then we made our way back to the airport the same day, which marked the quickest day trip by plane either of us has ever made.