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It was a spontaneous mid-week evening that we planned to meet Auguste for a quick sunset session. I quite enjoy taking time out of the week to go and see the sunset, as it is sometimes too easy to put off and take for granted. Now Auguste is one of those people who has the right idea; she travels to paradise, works there for a bit, and continues on. "It's a great way to see the world, now that I have that opportunity," she told us, and it surely beats the colder weather in Lithuania, where she is from. However, I can't even imagine the journey to get here, with her country's airport closed for renovation, Auguste had to add many more legs to her trip, hitting numerous delays along the way. She hopes to maximize her time and experiences here in Hawaii, so we took her down the south coast for some ocean-side fun in the fading light. The swell was big, with winds out of the southeast. A couple of times we feared for our belongings as giant waves crashed and inundated the entire area in a rush of frothy whitewater. I'd have to say that her dancing in the tide pools with the sun going down was magical.